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The idea for building the teaching and learning web concept originated on the occasion of the new national complementary subject for vocational schools, "Technik & Umwelt" (T&U) (as of 2015), at the Berufsmittelschule of the commercial college Wirtschaftsschule KV Wetzikon (wkvw.ch). The concept forms a basis for applied learning methods «bili» (bilingual education), interdisciplinary teaching (IDAF) and cross-curricular competences according to the new curriculum (Kantonaler (ZH) Lehrplan, mba.zh.ch).

Eliane Suter presented "The horse" concept at the following cantonal and national meetings:

Concept's main elements

"The horse"

A closed working and interaction environment for student work and exchange. Each student has his/her own account. Works on any device.

Project website

A publicly accessible website with contributions (projects) of student teams: dontwastemy.energy

Presentation slides, bili-Erfa-Tagung'18:
Teaching & Learning Web "The horse" (sway.com)

News hot !

Collaborations across three continents! Belgium, India, Switzerland and South Africa - 110 students, 7 teachers and experts are collaborating. The topic is "food and climate" and with the help of a "food app", daily food is recorded and can later be used for projects and research. [October 4, 2019]

"THE ! association" (The Horse Education) Our association got a first version of the website (the-horse.education). [August 2019]

A new Knowledge Pool with over 3000 categorized articles and pages and a full text search gives students and teachers access to previously acquired knowledge and documents in a closed area. [August 2019]

We have changed the domain save-energy.tips to dontwastemy.energy – so it matches better the website motto "don’t waste my energy!" There were more than 3800 visitors in the month of March'19! Some infos and website statistics » [04/20/2019]


Befter (before and after the experience). We invented and tried out a new experimental concept to acquire knowledge and skills and perform projects, we name it «befter», before & after the experience.
Already realized befter projects »
More about the befter concept »
The Bournemouth Showcase » (befters) of the partner class from Belgium [02/26/2019]

"The Horse" association founded, 09 September 2018

Presentation/Workshop (teacher training) at PH Luzern, CAS bilingual education in vocational training, 14 August 2018
Project website: save-energy.tips is now a PWA (Progressive Web App)
Presentation of "The horse" concept at Movetia Konferenz 16 May 2018
Project «Z.B.» (Zurich.Berlin.): Students of the business school wkvw and the «Lette Verein Berlin» develop contributions together, read more »
Quick Box: Our Research-Box is now available on "The horse" and the project website, infos Quick Box »
New Webserver: save-energy.tips has a brand new home, details here »
Last update 04/23/2019

Idea & Concept

Simple ways and an open architecture, adapted to the requirements and level/skills of the teachers and students.
Factsheet (pdf)
Overview "The horse" (pdf)

Basics & methods

Active learning and self-responsibility. bili, CLIL, IDAF (save-energy.tips),
Competencies MBA ZH (pdf),
Kant. Lehrplan BM ZH (pdf)

Infrastructure & costs

Through the consequent application of Cloud-services (Azure) the costs for the infrastructure and the running costs are inexpensive. They are customized to the exact requirements. Overview Infrastructure (pdf)

Projects & experiences

The 8 Project Steps (sway.com) to a team project, description of projects on save-energy.tips: Energy 2015/16, where2where 2016/17, The ZürIzmir Project 2017/18


Transferring of knowledge and experiences, application of various media, realization of projects in teams, publicize and propagate contributions (IG, Twitter, FB), paperless up to 100%, knowledge pool for future users and much more.

Possibilities & outlook

The concept of "The horse" is suitable for both teachers/instructors/coaches and learners/students. New digital media can be tried out and applied under "genuine conditions". There are countless possible variations.

Eliane Suter

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